A Nice Little Camping Trip in Yosemite Valley

I’ll include this shot twice since it’s just a classic.

When it comes to Yosemite, there isn’t much new information I could give you. Unlike a post on White Sands or The Great Sand Dunes (subtle plug), most people have heard of Yosemite Valley before, and a bounty of information is already out there.

So instead, this will be a very short post – mostly pictures and some well deserved mid-COVID nature appreciation.

In short, we spent 3 nights camping right smack dab in the valley. We hiked around in the day, cook LOTS of food, and slept A TON.

I had been to Yosemite many times before this camping trip – mostly while I was much younger. Yosemite was one of those go-to spots growing up – but despite living in Southern California all 4 years of college, I hadn’t been in the valley since High School.

The first second we got into this park I lit up with nostalgia. Truth is, there’s a reason Yosemite Valley holds such a legendary place in conservation/preservation history. It’s just so dang beautiful!

We didn’t know this at the time, but our college campus would be evacuated the week after returning from this camping trip. By no intention of our own, this trip now marks the last hurrah of our college years.

Four years of fun times, adventures, and lots of writing assignments couldn’t have been wrapped up in a better place than Yosemite. I’ll always be grateful for these past 4 years.

Cam and the Outdoors was built off those college adventures, but pretty soon this quarantine will lift and it’ll be time to start look forward again and log some new adventures.

I’ve spent a lot of time checking out new hikes at new parks in new parts of the country, but there’s something to be said for places like Yosemite. Fingers crossed I find my way back there soon.

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