Hiking Makapu’u Point, Oahu

My dad and I were in Waikiki while he was on a business trip and had just rented a car for our last weekend there.

We wanted to drive around and see more of the island than we normally could just taking Uber or walking around.

That morning we started it off strong by going to the Kapi’olani Community College farmers market. We ate some great food, got some good snacks, and bought fresh drinks to go.

Then we were on our way.

It was a relatively high trafficked trail, although anything is better than Diamond Head crowds.

It wasn’t too long maybe 2 miles out and back. There was an incline, but nothing crazy.

The main trail is paved and wide. It was a good hike for walking and talking especially when it was fit into a long day of exploring Oahu.


The views on the top were gorgeous. Parking seemed like it could be hectic. Some parked in the street intersecting with the light house’s road, but we didn’t have a problem.

There’s also beach access from this same parking lot. It would be a good idea to do a hike then make your way over to the beach for a quick dip afterward, but we were on the move after this up to Kailua and over to downtown Honolulu.

From the top, you have a panoramic view of the coastline to either side of you, a stunning island that looks like it’s from Ireland, Koko head at your back, and the windy blue ocean and lighthouse below.


The lighthouse cannot be accessed. There is a small trail off the beaten path that leads to the lighthouse, but it is gated and locked off.

But you can still go down and explore a little into the area before the gate and around the cliffs.

This a great way to distance yourself from the crowds. Not that the crowds were anything to fuss over while we were there, but it seems as if very few people veered off the paved trail.


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