Pictures From Craters of The Moon National Monument, Idaho

Idaho doesn’t have the most exciting reputation in California, but the state is home to all sorts of natural treasures. Craters of the Moon is one of those.

It’s kind of in the middle of nowhere, I only found since it was on my way to South Dakota, but I recommend this unique monument for anyone lucky enough to find it.

IMG_3423.jpgIMG_3429.jpgIMG_3428.jpgIMG_3426 2.jpgIMG_3431.jpgIMG_3435.jpgIMG_3427.jpgIMG_3434.jpgIMG_3427.jpgIMG_3444.jpgIMG_3447.jpgIMG_3451.jpgIMG_3437.jpgIMG_3453.jpgIMG_3441.jpgIMG_3450.jpgIMG_3448.jpg