Hiking Iron Mountain

Located in Romona California, this peak is definitely one for San Diego locals to check off their list. Not only does this peak offer a decent work out from its 1,000ft elevation gain and a total of 6.4 miles out and back, but here you can find some incredibly unique landscapes and one of the best 360-degree views of San Diego county.


After arriving at the parking lot, cross a little bridge and it will be a short walk over to the trailhead on your left. Then your hike will start off on a beautiful path cut some gorgeous oak trees.

(Bathrooms can be found in the parking lot, and parking is totally free!)


Keep your eye out in the beginning for smaller off shooting trails, or points of interests. At the very beginning is a short loop trail named “wild horses trail”. A while into the hike we also took a short detour to check out the helicopter landing pad. I strongly encouraging adding a few of these to your hike.

Hanging out by The Helicopter Landing Pad

As the hike progresses you will transition into a narrower trail with some steeper and rockier switchbacks, but overall the hike maintains a family-friendly difficultly. Moving on into there will be many good spots to perch on a rock with your homies, eat a snack, and enjoy the surroundings.


There are just so many peaceful lookouts here. Taking your time to enjoy the various spots along this trail is definitely the approach that we took on this hike, but nothing stands out like the view from the top!

The gorgeous expanse of land beneath the peak is an incredibly peaceful sight. Even if you are in a group, there are many little rocks spread throughout the peak that can offer a needed dose of solitude.

The peak also features a little telescope on top. Unfortunately, it was broken when I was there a few weeks ago and I’m not sure if it’s something with people to regularly fix it :/


After your peaceful meditation alone in nature is over, go get the crew together for a meal on one of the peaks picnic tables. These are located in beautiful lookout spots and spread out throughout the top.


If you’re looking for a date, I say post up on one of those tables with a nice homemade dinner and watch the sunset over San Diego County. Maybe even throw in a bottle of sparkling cider if you want that extra splash of romance 😉 haha.

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